Thursday, March 1, 2012


Dearest Friends!

For ten years, Peter and I have home schooled our children. Andrea was in grade five when we started, Daniela in grade two....and the boys started in pre-school and grade one. My constant goal with all of our children was to help teach them to LOVE the process of learning. I wanted to demonstrate to them in a variety of ways how to obtain information and knowledge and to savour this for as long as they live! There have been so many families who have, and continue to succeed in this worthwhile endeavour. They have been my role models and heroes.

In some part, we were successful. Andrea loved to read from a very early age, and is now studying at a Christian University for a degree in Journalism. Check.

Daniela is in her last year of High School, and while this year will be very very demanding on her, and while the workload is heavy, we have every hope of her succeeding. She really wants to start at an Art College next year ( our school year begins in January). Check.

The boys.......I discovered are an entirely different kind of species to educate. Not having any brothers myself, and having two daughters first......the art of getting boys to sit still long enough to finish a lesson was an exercise that taxed my patience to say the least. Of course then, we started down a long road of health issues, culminating in a renal transplant for Christopher. As I was the donor, this chapter was heavy. To say the least! But then most of you know our story. Six months later, my cancer diagnosis did very little to boost my energy levels........and after the months of Chemo.....our boys are now in an independent Christian school.

Off the hook? Not at all. I find my self busier now, but for different reasons. Calvin, our extrovert, charming socialite has settled in well. It took some time for him to adjust to all the rules, but he has coped, and is loving it. I pray he will soon take his studies as seriously as he takes his sport and friends!

Things have been very different for Christopher. He battles to cope with the workload and although he works harder than ever before, he is not happy with his results. He enjoys the school and has many friends. We really do feel that we have made the correct decision regarding the education of our boys......but would really appreciate your prayers as we journey on down this road.

Peter heads off to conduct a Biblical Worldview Summit near Johannesburg in April, and we are also celebrating 30 years in the ministry. It was April 1982 that Peter first crossed the border into his first war torn Mission field - Mozambique.

All of life is an education. I am so grateful for God's Word, good books, great movies and good fellowship. Pray with us please, that we would weather the storms in the school buildings right now, and that the right people would enter our lives to help with any tutoring necessary. Any advice or tips will be most gratefully received.

Thank you for your friendship and for your listening ear!

We love you,


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  1. Love you Mommmy! Beautifully written... You are all in our thoughts and prayers daily, and we will be sure to keep you all in prayer particularly regarding school and strength to keep up with the recurring chaos of it all! Miss you so much xx