Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Year....

brings so many new possibilities. It brings a chance to reflect and evaluate, to look ahead and plan, to seek God's guidance afresh for what His plans are for us. We pray you and your families had a wonderful Christmas celebration and that your New Year too, brings God's direction and blessing into your lives.

I tell my children on a regular basis that each day, they are given a new opportunity to do better, to make that apology, to focus more, to be more diligent in their work and praise Him more. So with a new year, we have even more of a chance to try and overcome obstacles that may have plagued us the previous year.

Most of you know of our obstacles, particularly with my health. Well I am pleased to say that I only have 2 more Chemo sessions left. The side effects are mild, and I have learned to pace myself so that I don't get so tired. My hair is about 2mm long now, and I look forward to the day when I don't have to wear scarves and hats anymore - especially during our hot summer days. My Oncologist says radiation may not be necessary in my case. She will discuss this with her panel and let us know what they think. We pray I will be exempt from this. I will however, be on medication for the next 5 years.

My oldest sister Debbie spent just over two weeks with us for Christmas. What a blessing this was. Her culinary skills were celebrated daily with relish and her support and encouragement to me on so many fronts was cherished. It is one of my greatest struggles that my family lives on three different Continents and that our lives seem to be filled with so many 'good-byes'. So I am ever grateful when we do have an opportunity to visit. Debbie's expertise in the field of education was tapped into by me, and I hope to put her advice into practice this year.

Peter, Daniela and Christopher are presently at our Biblical Worldview Summit Camp. We have a record number of teens attending this year and are grateful to be able to have a platform for Reformation Teaching to these future leaders. Our subjects cover everything from Courtship and Modesty to Honoring your parents, Creation Science, World Religions, the New Age and Evangelism.

Calvin completed his first Scout Camp today and will have an official Scout name now. He joins us at the Summit for the rest of the Camp. After an all too short, three week visit for Christmas, Andrea flew back to Arizona to carry on with her studies at South Western College. What a privilege it is to have her there, and we give thanks to God for the Scholarships and Sponsors that make this possible.

Thank you for your many Christmas greetings, and for the encouragement as we run the race God sets before us. May the New Year be filled with His grace and sufficiency.

With Love,

Lenora and family