Monday, August 13, 2012

Training and Travel

Dear Friends and Family!

So much of this year has been focused on a very intensive training scedule for Christopher. He was chosen to compete at the KSI World Championships held in New Jersey in July.

In the lead up to the tournament, our morning sometimes started at 5am, as we headed off to train at the Dojo for an hour before school. At other times it encompassed most of Saturdays, many afternoons, weekends and some evenings. Finally, in June of this year the competitors were given their national colours. We watched with pride, as Christopher received his South African tracksuit and kit.

 Most of you know Christopher's medical history, and that he was born with kidney failure. Since the transplant in December of 2009, he has gone from strength to strength, grading for his black belt and now being able to participate in a World event like this.

Originally, Christopher was going to travel on his own with his Team. We did not have the means for me to be able to join him for this momentous occasion, but God knew about this as well. A friend and supporter said to me: 'Christopher is going to the US to compete with your need to be there to watch him'!! What a blessing.

The tournament itself was a huge learning curve for him, and while he did not medal, he held his own and did well. After our time in New Jersey, we flew to Arizona to visit with my parents and Andrea and Hunter. Christopher had not seem mom and dad since 2008, so it was great for them to be able to spend time together playing chess and catching up. My parents have invested greatly in our children, and we miss the time of fellowship together.It was a treat to be able to see where Andrea and Hunter live and to meet their cat 'Sherlock'.

Our good friends Ron and Jan, together with Susan and Don Parks arranged for us to be able to have a small get together with close friends. It was a special afternoon of fellowship and good food, and of having the chance to see loved ones we would not have had the chance to see. Our visit was short, but precious, and I am so thank full to have had the opportunity to be a part of this travelling experience with Christopher.

We celebrated Christopher's 17th Birthday on Saturday. For our breakfast of waffles, bacon and fresh orange juice, Andrea joined us on speaker phone and Peter read out a Birthday poem Granddad had composed for the occasion. It was great to 'have Andrea at the table with us' again.

Living internationally is my greatest heartache. I long to have my family close by.....but it is occasions like this that remind me that God knows our hearts desires and grants us our wishes when we least expect it. My heart is full.

Love to all of you,

gratefully, Lenora