Friday, December 17, 2010

3 Down and 6 To Go

Dearest friends!

Mercifully, these shorter infusions have been far less traumatic than the first three. God has blessed me with little to no side effects this time around. I am told that I may still face the challenge of neuropathy, which means I might experience 'pins and needles' in my finger tips and feet. Other than still being very tired most of the time, I am able to resume a normality in my schedule again.

Our family was able to go away for a few days up the Garden Route. We were blessed by the hospitality of friends that stay just past Plettenberg Bay. The children had such fun riding on Quad bikes and enjoying the Beach. We visited Birds of Eden, The Wild Cat Sanctuary and enjoyed reading and good fellowship.

Andrea has returned for her Christmas break from South Western College. She is on a full scholarship there and has managed to earn a 3.8 GPA for the Semester. (it is the Science and Maths that keep her grades 'down'!)We are very proud of her for doing so well, and praise the Lord for this opportunity in her life.

Daniela is at this moment hiking the Outeniqua Trail with her church youth group. The first day was spent hiking in pouring rain and howling wind. We pray the next few days will be blessed with better weather. Peter and I have laughed at the fact that of all of our children, it would be the 'ballerina, ice-skating daughter' that attempts the rigours of such a hike! We are so proud of her.

Christopher is doing so well physically. He has achieved his junior black-belt in his discipline. This has been such a mile stone for him and we are proud of him for persevering.

On December 24th we anticipate the arrival of my oldest sister Debbie. We are all looking forward to her spending Christmas with us. Debbie is not only an excellent cook, but has the ability to just fit in anywhere and muscle in. I remember the very first time she visited, we had just experienced a terrible oil spill on our Coast, and our Penguins needed cleaning and feeding. Peter took Debbie with him to help with this, and she became very able at handling the slippery birds.

We have just sent out our family news, so you should all be receiving this update on our family soon. We are so blessed to have you as our friends, and are encouraged by your friendship, intercession and support.

May our Heavenly Father bless you this Christmas Season as we celebrate the greatest gift of all - the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Lenora and family