Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Delays and Disappointments

Dearest Friends!

Yesterday, both Christopher and I were checked into our respective Hospitals and spent most of the day getting prepped for the Kidney transplant the following morning. We were both blessed by the many emails and messages that have been coming assuring us of prayer. Thank you.

By 10:30pm, just after I had been hooked up to an IV with a saline drip, we were informed that an emergency transplant was needing to take the place of our 'slot'. So we literally have been 'bumped off the table'. At first we thought it would be a short delay, but it turns out that they will not have 'Theater time' for us until December 2nd. At least that is the word for now.

We are hugely disappointed and I feel very deflated. So much had been put in place for this date, and Peter has worked tirelessly to keep all other aspects of our ministry and family life afloat. I am so grateful that our Sovereign God is in control and that His plans will unfold in His special timing.

Thank you for your encouragement and loving support. We will keep you posted.

Lenora and Christopher Hammond