Monday, August 22, 2011

A Growing Family

Dear Friends!

Our July training Camps, the Biblical World View Summit and the Great Commission Course have come and gone. We had a dedicated group of people for both courses and it was good to see people motivated to serve the Lord in full time Missions.

One of the attendees was a young man by the name of Hunter Combs. Hunter and Andrea have been good friends at Arizona Christian University for quite some time now, and he graduated with highest honours in May this year. Following the GCC, Hunter joined one of our Teams and headed for his first African Mission trip to Zambia. Upon his return, Peter asked if he would like to be a part of several Teams traveling up to Sudan and Hunter now finds himself getting ready for a very complicated and intense overland Mission to Southern Sudan. The journey begins this week.

In the midst of these courses, camps and travels, Hunter requested permission to ask for Andrea's hand in marriage, and Peter said 'yes'. Hunter had already fullfilled all the many application forms, book reviews, questionaires and now Camps that Peter had required of him. Andrea said 'yes', and so Lord willing, it looks as if we will be having a wedding in December here in Cape Town!!

Andrea is taking off a Semester from ACU , to join her dad on a South African Mission tour, to prepare for the wedding all the while Hunter will be on his Mission to Sudan. So the plan is to have the weding in December, and then for them to spend Christmas here. They will both then return to Arizona and Andrea will commence her studies at ACU. She still has two years left. Hunter plans to take classes at Phoenix Seminary while working and raising support to continue coming out to Southern Africa for missions.

We know you will be glad to join us in prayer as this young couple plans for a life together, dedicated to Missions in Africa. We are very proud to have Andrea being the third generation of Missionaries in our family!

Needless to say, we have never planned a wedding and I stand amazed at all the things that are involved. Wow. There is no end to the things you can hire, purchase, plan, arrange for and pay for! There seems to be a plethora of things you 'need' in order to get married. It is our earnest desire to plan a wedding that is God honoring and yet celebrates the union of a young couple desiring to serve the Lord.

Cape Town is a premier wedding destination and December is peak season! It is therefore quite difficult to secure wedding venues, but we trust the Lord for just the right place, the right date and that all the other things will fall into place.

We earnestly seek your prayers as we embark on, not only a 2 month Mission to Sudan, but also as we prepare for the wedding of our oldest daughter. Thank you for your good wishes and for blessing us with emails and encouraging letters.

We are grateful to be serving the Lord and for your part in this journey!

Lenora Hammond