Thursday, March 18, 2010

shorter wait than thought......

Good morning to our dear persevearing friends and supporters!

Christopher was checked in to Hospital this morning to re-insert another stent. The blockage had returned and some form of intervention was necessary. But the surgeons have changed their minds, and it will now be major surgery instead.

They plan to open up his previous incision sight, and re-connect his old ureter. I am uncertain of the actual mechanics of this, but will keep you updated as I learn more.

In the meantime, we appreciate your earnest intercession, as this is a much more invasive procedure than we had planned on.

With love and appreciation,

Lenora and family

Saturday, March 13, 2010

waiting game....

Hi everyone......Christopher's stent removal surgery went well. Thank you for praying. He is back at home now, and will need careful monitoring on an outpatient basis now. He will have regular scans as well as the bi-weekly blood work, to determine the success of the stent procedure. The 'double - J' stent was put in so that the blockage between the bladder and the ureter could be forced open. Now that it is removed, we trust the Lord that it will remain open and that everything can flow freely.

Christopher is still on high doses of steroids, which have so many negative side effects. We look forward to them being reduced as time goes on. Please pray with us that he will not suffer too many negative consequences due to these many drugs. (one of which is stunting of growth, and that is the last thing he needs!)

We pray and trust that Christopher would grow spiritually and emotionally through this experience, and that God would receive all the glory.

Thank you for standing with us and for your support.

Lenora and family

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Small Operation

Tomorrow, March 11th happens to be World Kidney Day! It also happens to be the day that Christopher goes in for the removal of the Stent. This has been in place for the last two months, in order to help open up the blockage between the bladder and the ureter. It is time for it to be removed, as there is always a risk of infection.

Creatin levels are still higher than they should be, and so Christopher's steroid doses are also high. Regular Scans and blood work, will let us know how he is doing after this small operation.

Please pray with us that God would allow this procedure to be our last one in quite a few years. This road has been long and difficult, and yet we rejoice in all the growth that the Lord has allowed to happen in our lives and family.

Thank you, for standing with us, and for your support and love,


Lenora and family

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Going up...

.....thank you again, for all of you who lift us up during this time. We are very grateful.

Christopher was re-admitted to Hospital yesterday, due to high levels of creatin. The plan has been to put him on 4 doses of intravenous steroids to overcome the acute rejection of the graft kidney. He has had two of the doses, and yet the creatin has again risen.

I am not sure what they will do now, or exactly what this means. What I am certain of though, is that God is Sovereign and that He has a plan for our son. We rest in this, and will keep you posted.

Peter is involved in ministry and Biblical World View seminars in Zambia. We appreciate your prayers for his safety and good health. We expect him back next week.

Till next time, with gratefulness,

Lenora and family

With love