Monday, August 31, 2009

Updated information on Christopher

Thank you, to the many friends and prayer partners who have continued to pray so faithfully for us as a family and specifically for Christopher's health concerns. We are humbled by the letters and notes you send us. God is good and continues to sustain Christopher. Our last appointment at the Renal clinic was last week, and his blood results are much the same. His levels continue inching up into levels that signify either it is time for dialysis or a kidney transplant. His hemoglobin levels though are dropping, and we will therefore need to start sub-cutaneous Erythropoietin injections. This is done so that the red blood cell production can be increased. I will receive training on how to administer these and will most likely need to give them twice a week. Because Christopher's immune system is compromised, he is picking up the various flu strains that are going around. My goal at this point is to keep him healthy, so that he does not need any further medications. Thank you for continuing to uphold him in prayer and I will keep you posted on any further developments. God bless you all, love, Lenora

Sunday, August 30, 2009

College daughter settled in

We praise the Lord for the opportunity and privilege of sending Andrea to South Western College in Arizona. Andrea has been given a missions scholarship and is settling in nicely. She feels homesick for her friends and family, but has lovely Christian roommates. She plans to study English Literature / Teaching. Displayed on the picture is her almost finished quilt. She made this with our sewing teacher while homeschooling.