Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stent Free at last

On Wednesday the 23rd of June, Christopher went in for what we hope is his final operation. He has had a 'double J' Stent in since March of this year, and as it is a foreign object, and subject to infections, it needed to be removed. This procedure, called a cystoscopy was relatively unremarkable. The surgeon took the opportunity though, to have a good look around via the scope. He said the Bladder looked a little infected, and so they kept Christopher overnight for observation.

An ultrasound in a week's time will reveal whether or not there are any problems, but none are anticipated. This marks the end of a very long road travelled beginning with the Renal Transplant December 2nd 2009. This week's procedure was Christopher's 11th anesthetic in under 7 months. We praise the Lord for carrying us through these uncertain days. We also thank you for your support and friendship.

We continue to pray for increased renal function in Christopher's graft kidney. Now that there are no more foreign objects in him, there is hope that the filtration rate will improve.

As South Africa is hosting the Soccer World Cup events, the school holidays here have been lengthened. Christopher has been on his first Scout Camp since the operations, and plans to attend a Sports Camp next week.

Calvin has been on two Scout Camps and has regular gymnastic training sessions in preparation for the Western Province qualification event. It continues to be a pleasure having Andrea at home with us. She has proven invaluable to Peter at the Mission as she helps him with power point presentations and research. Daniela and Christopher both work at the Mission as well, in between ice skating commitments and holiday club programmes at Church.

Peter and I have been invited as speakers to a Conference in Denmark. Ministry opportunities in that part of the World will include Sweden, Belgium and England. We covet your prayers as we prepare for ministry on a Continent that has long ago left its Christian heritage.

....they will proclaim His righteousness to a people yet unborn - for He has done it (Psalm 22:31).


Lenora and family

Friday, June 11, 2010

Team work

The nice thing about having a larger family, is that there are more fans to cheer you on when you are striving for a certain goal. Calvin had the opportunity to participate in an endurance event, and completing the course was not a 'given'. He was tempted to give up, not try, loose heart and be discouraged.

As the event loomed closer, we all surrounded him with advice, encouragement, physical training and prayer. His siblings cheered him on as he braved the day and completed the course. What a sense of accomplishment he felt. Peter took us out to celebrate that evening to commemorate the day.

It occurred to me, that this family event is a microcosm of what the Christian Community experiences. We have been surrounded by prayer and encouragement as we have run the 'medical race' with Christopher. We have been cheered on by you and have felt the prayers for us as we have kept on keeping on. How much more discouraging our experience during the difficult days of uncertainty would have been.

And while the results of Christopher's graft kidney are not what we would have hoped for, we rest assured that God is Sovereign and knows what the future holds for our son. Thank you, for running this race with us and for cheering us on.

With a grateful heart,

Lenora and family