Thursday, December 29, 2011


There was a time when I thought my children would always be little. A time when my life was crowded with diapers, prams, sleepless nights and never ending unfinished projects. But that time in my life is part of history now.

Our family has experienced many ups and down, trials and troubles. We have had our share of health issues and times when we were just not sure if we would survive the year, the month or even the day. But through all of these times, God has been faithful. He has been just, loving, kind and caring. His sovereign plan for our family has unfolded before our very eyes, and I am ashamed now, at how often I despaired, or did not trust Him.

Our first born child, Andrea, seemed to spend very little time being young. I always say to her 'you were born old'. It has been a saying in our family for years. She has always been level headed, mature and able to handle life's challenges. Six months ago, she and her 'significant other' came down to Cape Town for our Biblical Worldview Summit, for the Great Commission Course, and ultimately for an internship with Frontline Fellowship. Hunter asked for Andrea's hand in marriage and it was granted. So for the last few months, time has taken on new adventures and tasks that have been at times overwhelming and filled with challenges, but at other times have demonstrated God's provision for us so very clearly.

Planning the wedding for Hunter Combs and our daughter Andrea has been, by far, the most challenging project I have ever undertaken, but also the most rewarding. What a beautiful event a wedding is. On our morning walks, Andrea and I spent time planning each and every detail of her big day. From the dress, to the flowers, the cake, the theme and all the decor, every aspect was a reflection of her personality and taste. We were aided by Sonja van Wyk's able decorating skills and her husband Charl was the MC for the day. Peter preached a very moving sermon titled 'A Great Love Story'.

So December 17th was a testimony to the faith Hunter and Andrea have in our Lord and Saviour. It was a day to enter into the covenant of marriage in front of family and friends. Andrea was composed and altogether calm! It was a day blessed with great weather, a beautiful venue (which God had provided at no charge), great friends, good food and vibrant fellowship. Andrea was the first baby born into Frontline Fellowship and is the first to get married as well.

Thank you to all of you who prayed, supported, invested your talents and time and just generally encouraged us along the way. We are privileged to have added a son to our family and rejoice in the family formed.

Andrea still has two years left of studies at ACU before she finishes, so they are both back Stateside now. Hunter will be looking for a job, and will hopefully be taking some classes at Phoenix Seminary. Both of them want to return to the Mission field.....starting as early as June 1012 if the Lord sees fit.

As we have come through the time when we celebrate His Incarnation and as we count down the days to a New Year, may His blessings be upon you and yours. And may we always be conscious of the time He has blessed us with, to use it wisely and in His service.

With love and appreciation,

Lenora Hammond


  1. Dear Hammond Family,
    What a beautiful wedding and what a great testimony of God's grace and love. I'm so blessed for your new addition and the new chapter in your lives. We love you!!!!
    The Rice Family

  2. Beautiful family and beautiful wedding! Wish them all the best!