Friday, September 16, 2011


The Continent of Africa gives a Missionary a platform upon which to serve the Lord in so many ways. Virtually in every one of the Countries on this vast Continent, there are opportunities to teach, bless, disciple, replenish and encourage. Southern Sudan has received its independance, and we have more invitations and requests for help than we can cope with. It is our fervent desire to send out three teams, but at this moment the resources for such an undertaking are not available.

We are trusting the Lord to supply us with everything we need to send out at least one Team. The cost of fuel is the most expensive aspect of this adventure, and we are in faith preparing for the first team to leave within days.

Pray with us please, that we would be faithful, fervent in our prayers and diligent in the many preparations. We trust He is sovereign and that He will bring this about if it is His will.

In the meantime......the wedding plans are taking shape. Peter and I are meeting this after noon with the owner of a possible venue for us to use. She is willing to help us in whatever way possible. The venue is in the midst of wine farms and has a Chapel on the site as well. Truly, a beautiful place. Andrea and I are finalizing decisions on a dress, we are looking at patterns for the Brides maid dresses, and the invitations will be forthcoming soon.

I am so grateful that we can trust God for every detail of our lives, and that nothing comes as a surprise to Him. When I feel overwhelmed, I look to Him for comfort and focus.

Thank you for your friendship and prayers in all of this. May God bless you and yours,

Lenora and family

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