Saturday, June 11, 2011

Change of Season

Dearest friends!

What a blessing it is to know that God's will for us is not a mystery. My very wise mother gave me my first copy of "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers when I was in College. This devotional has been one I have returned to over and over again. He writes 'The disciple who abides in Jesus is the will of God, and his apparently free choices are God's fore-ordained decrees.'

Peter and I have home schooled our children for 10 years now. What a blessing this has been. Andrea has just finished her Sophomore year at Arizona Christian University with four A's and two B's (the two B's were for Science and maths!, not our strength)! Daniela hopes to finish High School by the middle of next year and is doing very well in her chosen path in Fine Art. Christopher and Calvin are our two children who have embarked upon a new educational journey. We started the school year by placing Christopher into a Christian based independent School within walking distance from our home. This has been very successful and he has adjusted well. After much prayer and deliberation, I have met with the Principal of the Primary school and we have now enrolled Calvin into grade six there. There are 12 children in his class and offers so much variety that Calvin is kept challenged constantly. At the end of each day he is exhausted, but by morning he is ready for more.

My stamina is still at quite a low level, and my increasing fear was that I was not able to offer Calvin the instruction and guidance he needed academically. Both boys are very involved in sports as well, and Calvin continues to enjoy Scouts each week. I am so grateful to have been able to share our educational responsibility with this fine institution. I am confident of God's guidance and trust Him for His provision for school fees.

Peter has had a very productive time of ministry in Zambia as well as in America, but we are grateful to have him home for a while now. We are gearing up for the Summit starting June 24th, followed by the Great Commission Course for potential Missionaries. We expect people from far and wide. Andrea will be joining us for this, and in fact all of our children look forward to these Camps and Courses every year.

Christopher is doing well physically. His body seems to have adjusted to life with a graft kidney. Being immunosuppressed and now being at a school means he picks up colds and flu much more readily. He has been to the Doctor twice in the last few weeks.

Daniela has her Learner's licence now and is gaining more and more confidence on the road. She skates with the Senior Synchronized Skating Team now, and they are preparing for the World Championships next year in Sweden.

I look forward to a new Season of good health and vitality. I continue to paddle with the Dragon Boat Team, which keeps me fit and each time we paddle out into the Harbour I am reminded of what a beautiful City we live in.

Thank you to all of you who pray so regularly for us. We appreciate so much hearing from you and knowing that we are not in this alone. May God grant you many blessings as you faithfully serve Him.

Love and hugs,


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  1. So nice to get an update on the whole family!! Sounds like you guys are busy (as usual)! Miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!